Purchased by Otto & Julia Stein in the 1940's, Stein's bakery is one of the oldest bakeries in North Texas. Owedia and & Juan Alvarado, the current owners, are the second set of owners that were also employees of the bakery.

Throughout the years one thing has stayed the same and that is the dedication to using only quality ingredients with delicious results. Even the recipes and formulas have remained virtually unchanged, which gives the delicate richness that only the 1940's can give. The overall setup of the bakery has remained the same as well, and most everything is made from scratch. Even after 10 years of retirement you can still find Floyd Evans, a retiree with 43 years of service, lending a hand and feeling right at home.

The biggest change has been the Alvarado's decision to close the bakery between Christmas and New Years, a time to relax, spend with family, and reflect on the accomplishments of the previous year. This down-time is most enjoyed by the Alvarado's latest masterpieceā€¦ their daughter Sophia!

With a history as rich as their petit foures, it's no wonder Stein's has found a place in the hearts of so many North Texans.

"We are blessed to have each and everyone that walks through our door, rather new customer or longtime friend, Thank you!"